Didier De Witte

About Didier De Witte

Originating from a family of industrialists Flemish and born in October 1946, Didier de Witte was already the spirit of entrepreneurship in the blood. Not surprisingly, he was able to build a real estate empire that is currently under the daily direction of his children Thomas and Florence.

Who is Didier De Witte?

After doing years of boarding school at the College Saint Pierre in Uccle, a school in the Brussels-capital region, he did studies in commercial engineering in Leuven. Graduated in 1970. After a short career in the world of the Bank, he took the direction of a brickyard, the located Céragrès in Melle which belongs to the Flemish family for 10 years. Inspired and passionate about innovative modern technologies, he started to build houses in skeleton of wood. Until 1988, he has built a hundred under the brand of BUILD.

To 1994, there was a liberalisation of capital for people and Swedish companies. Indeed, at this time, the Brussels real estate values were half those of the Sweden. So the Swedes pounced on it to raise prices and launch the activity. As a seasoned manufacturer, Didier de Witte took advantage of this Swedish real estate invasion that is mainly located in Brussels to build apartment blocks. Financial success was immediate, so well as a group on the stock exchange, concrete Byggen offered to buy his company. As the payment is made in shares and the group went bankrupt 2 years after, Didier de Witte has lost all of its sale price was estimated at the time to 1 billion Belgian francs of equity funds. Fortunately during these fruitful years, it diversified its activities by investing in a small hotel of 4 stars, Hotel Gravensteen in Ghent who had at that time of 17 rooms.

He therefore learned on the job, allowing him to continue to build places of excellence. In appeared 2 others including Ghent River Hotel and Hotel of Flanders. There was, then, been bergamot Residence with 180 beds in Schaerbeeck and Wisteria to Tamines. As measure years and after finding the aging of the population, he became interested in nursing homes, built several and has managed them itself. People with disabilities also benefited with 3 other specialized houses located in Taintignie, London and mount-on-Marchienne. All these constructions are made in parallel with those of other apartments through the multi-building Creative Construction Renovation company...